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Labor Law Violations
Updated On: Jul 191, 2012

U.S. Labor Law says it is illegal for employers to engage in --

  • Surveillance of workers who attend union meetings, or any undercover activity which could indicate that employees are being spied on;
  • Threatening or punishing workers with termination, lay off, cut hours, cut duties, or discipline for union activity;
  • Granting or promising wage increases, benefit improvements, promotions, improvements in working conditions, or special concessions to keep the union out;
  • Threatening to or actually closing the facility or slashing operations to punish union activity;
  • Questioning employees about union matters, union meetings, union interest, how they intend to vote or about other employees feelings towards a union;
  • Threatening to move the facility or failing to grant a scheduled wage increase because of union activity.

All of these acts violate Federal Labor Laws -- and your rights as Americans. Stand up for dignity and respect on the job. Report all violations -- your employer must respect your rights.

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