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Updated On: Apr 24, 2012

     DRIVE (Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education) is the Teamsters political action fund. DRIVE was set up because union dues, by law, cannot be contributed to political candidates. Our members' voluntary contributions to DRIVE enable the Teamsters to lobby politicians on Capitol Hill and in State, City and County halls across the United States for support on labor issues and to stop attacks on working people.   It also allows us to make contributions to candidates who share our labor-related goals.       

     Corporate America spends mega money lobbying to influence members of Congress to support their anti-worker goals. In fact, they outspend working families on politics by more than 15-1. It amounts to an all-out attack against working families. The Big Bosses of Corporate America have pulled out all the stops and are fighting hard to push their political goals. We, as organized labor, must stand together and flex our muscle in the political arena if we are to maintain and improve the lives of working families.

     You can do your part by signing up and contributing to DRIVE. Your contribution will help support actions that lead to achieving our goals.  Some of these actions include voter registration and education, phone banks, contributions to labor-friendly candidates, rallies, and media advertisements that bring attention to working families' issues.

     The agenda of working families includes improving job safety, establishing affordable childcare, preserving Union jobs, and making sure quality, affordable healthcare is available for working families.

     Working together we CAN make a difference! If you would like to contribute to DRIVE, talk to your Business Agent. 

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